The Nightmare Arcade


The Nightmare Arcade

What is the Nightmare Arcade? A place in space and time, once visited never forgotten. An appirition in the void, a moment captured forever in the vortex of a dream.

This is the story of Johnny Reaper, a demon guitarist, and youngest offspring of the Grim Reaper.

Banished from the Underworld by his overbearing father for simply wanting to follow his dreams, Johnny finds himself wandering the Earth, in the footsteps of mere mortals.

The Nightmare Arcade The Nightmare Arcade

8 Bit Phantasmagoria

"That café is haunted, you know? I could feel it. There's something in the machines... it's a Nightmare Arcade."

"A Nightmare Arcade?!" Aimee whispered, "What do you mean, Johnny?"

"It isn't right... something's not right. The energies within... they are not of this realm........."